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Menu Spiceation Aberdeen

Our Indian takeaway menus are heavenly delicious and offer a lip-smacking taste. Want to enjoy such amazing delicacies? If yes, then we have a plenty of freshly cooked Indian recipes for you. Offering quick takeaway and fast doorstep delivery, we are right here to enrich your taste-buds! So, kindly take a look at our comprehensive menu catalogue. For tasty appetizer menus, you can order our Starters like Mushroom Pakora, Chicken & Brie Pakora, and Jumbo Starter etc. Some classic Indian Tandoori dishes are also available for you, such as Chicken Tikka Tandoori, Egyptian Kebab, and Tandoori Mixed Platter. Additionally, we highly recommend you to order our Chef's Special menus -- Chashni, Jalfrezi (Spicy), South Indian Garlic Chilli, and much more too. Plus, do not forget to try our Biryani Dishes. These recipes really offer the authentic taste of regional Indian specialities that are simply superb. Our eatery also prepares a bunch of Kebab recipes like Spicy Chicken Tikka Kebab, Chicken Barbeque Kebab, and Kebab Roll. Apart from that, we also have some Burger, Wrap, and Pizza recipes for our customers. For instance, you should try our Spiceation Special Wrap -- the signature menu of our restaurant. Other than these Indian delicacies, a few Western Dishes (Fried Scampi, Fish & Chips, and Chicken Nuggets) can be also ordered from our restaurant.

About Spiceation Aberdeen

Specialized in preparing Indian takeaway menus, Spiceation is delighted to welcome you to our outlet. Starting from Main Course dishes and Starters to Desserts and Set Meals, we have included a diverse range of menu options in our catalogue. Hence, you are bound to find an ideal dish from our menu listing. We have already provided a brief overview of our recipes in the aforementioned section. Kindly note, we have named a few dishes (just for your quick reference). In reality, our eatery has a large variety of dishes under each menu category that you can order! On top of that, we have got both vegetarian menus and non-vegetarian recipes for our customers. Likewise, our eatery serves both Indian recipes and Western dishes too. All of these recipes will be freshly prepared, after receiving your order notification. And, our food standard, quality, and taste will surely exceed your expectations for sure. To taste our brilliant culinary preparations, do not forget to place an order. Not only it will give us an opportunity to serve your appetite, but also you will even get a chance to enrich your taste-buds with our delicacies. So, without wasting any further time, try our lip-smacking dishes right now! 

Restaurant location Spiceation Aberdeen

To order and try our mouthwatering Indian menus, kindly confirm your order online. To offer you more convenience and a hassle-free experience, we have published our restaurant apps that you can download from either App Store or the Google Play store. Simply download the app, check our menu section, and place your orders. You can also complete the transaction/payment online to confirm your orders. After that, we will start preparing your orders by using locally grown, seasonal, and high-quality herbs, ingredients, and spices. With the unique blend of Indian herbs, ingredients, and spices, we will surely create a soul-satisfying food experience for you. Therefore, quickly place your orders now! After placing the order, please visit our outlet which is situated in the following address -- 495 Great Northern Road, Aberdeen, AB24 2EE. You can opt for takeaway and collect the orders from our Aberdeen based outlet. Apart from that, we also want to remind you about our doorstep delivery service that you can avail (if required). Confirm your online orders today! Exceptional food quality is guaranteed!

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